Weight Loss Jab

This exclusive treatment will help you to finally get rid of excess weight and keep it off.

Treatment at a glance

Procedure Time

30 Min

Full Recovery


Visible Results


Result Duration


*Multiple treatments may be required. Results may vary from person to person

Weight Loss Skinny Jab in Heswall Wirral


Finally Lose Weight Naturally with No Effort and No Side Effects.

The Weight Loss Jab (also known as a Skinny Jab) is a ground-breaking next generation Prescription Only weight loss medication, administered daily with a pen device.

Weight loss results speak for themselves with each pens lasting approximately 3 weeks.  Over that time, weight loss can be as drastic as losing almost a stone (14 pounds) in just 3 weeks.

This miracle weight loss treatment really works and is in high demand. Appointments are restricted to a a first come, first serve basis so book your consultation today.

* Sustained weight loss is dependant on a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Weight Loss Jab Benefits

  • UK Licensed, FDA Approved.
  • Medication-based treatment prescription programme that can only be authorised by a registered qualified medical professional.
  • Fast and effective weight loss with a clinical average weight loss of 13.4 lbs over 3 weeks.
  • Controls appetite, curbs hunger and reduces the cravings for sweet and fatty foods.
  • Places no strain on the body.
  • No nasty side-effects, no insomnia and no shaking.
  • No sudden weight gain after discontinuing use of the product.
  • Prescribed and monitored under strict medical practitioners guidance, with regular reviews.


It's Time to Say Goodbye to Hunger.

Feeling hungry all the time is an enormous barrier to losing weight. The Weight Loss Jab acts as an appetite suppressant so you crave less food and lose weight naturally and safely.

Over a very short period of time, ​the Weight Loss Jab will suppress your appetite for big portions of food, effectively shrinking your stomach and reconditioning your body to expect less food.

The Weight Loss Jab is administered daily by yourself via a small pen device that contains an active  ingredient called “Liraglutide” which instructs the body to stop eating after a meal because no extra food is required.

Skinny Jab Heswall Wirral

Skinny Jab FAQ

This Weight Loss Jab works by suppressing your appetite. It started out as a drug that was developed to treat diabetes. It was prescribed at a low dosage for this purpose. It was later found that when the dosage was increased, to 3.0mg per day, the drug offered a weight loss benefit.
The Weight Loss Jab is a Presription Only treatment that is licensed in the UK for weight loss and has undergone rigorous testing before it was approved. Liraglutide (the actual drug) has been used for patients with type 2 diabetes in the UK since 2009 and for weight loss in the USA since 2014. It was approved for use in the UK in January 2017. Like all medication, there are certain risks and possible side effects. Our consultant doctor will talk you through them.

To be eligible for the Weight Loss Jab (or Skinny Jab) you need to have a body mass index above 30. You are also eligible with a BMI above 27 as long as you have a weight related co-morbidity (illness/disease), such as type 2 diabetes of high blood pressure.

Patients are screened for a number of ‘contraindications’ based on their general state of health. For example, patients with a history of kidney disease would not be prescribed the drug. There are several other contraindications and these would be explained at your face to face consultation.

Almost 100% of clients were able to lose weight. It is important to note that those who experienced the most dramatic weight loss supplemented their treatment with a healthy diet and exercise programme.

Like all successful plans exercise and nutrition need to be monitored as well as your emotional wellbeing and behaviour patterns.