Liquid Lipo Fat Reduction

Liquid Lipo is a Clinically Proven Fat Reduction Gel that quickly breaks down fat cells, resulting in faster weight loss and a slimmer body.


Treatment at a glance

Procedure Time

1 - 2 Hours

Full Recovery

5 Days

Visible Results

5 Days

Result Duration

Lifestyle Change*

*Multiple treatments may be required. Results may vary from person to person. Recommended with an ongoing healthy diet and exercise.

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Experience Faster, Safer Weight Loss and a Slimmer Body Shape - in 5 Days!

LIQUID LIPO is an ultra-fast fat reduction treatment that will change the way you lose weight with noticeably visible results in just 5 days – without cosmetic surgery and zero recovery time.

LIQUID LIPO is extremely effective for reducing those stubborn bands of fat around your belly, buttocks, arms and thigh areas without spending months in the gym.

The Future of Fat Reduction is Here.


Immediate Shrinkage of Fat Cells and Weight Loss.

LIQUID LIPO is applied directly to the body areas where you want to remove excess fat, such as your belly, arms, buttocks or thighs.

One applied, LIQUID LIPO is absorbed through the pores of your skin and immediately starts to break down and shrink stubborn fat cells that lie deep within your skin’s subcutaneous tissue.

Fat within your subcutaneous puts you at risk for Type 2 Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Stroke, High Blood Pressure, Alzheimers and Colorectal Cancer.

Traditionally, these fat cells have always been extremely difficult to reduce – even with a healthy diet and exercise – but not for liquid Lipo.

During 3000 clinical trials, over 99.95% of people have successfully lost fat with LIQUID LIPO.

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Liquid Lipo Fat Reduction


Up to 2 Inches of Fat Reduction in Just 2 Hours!

LIQUID LIPO works quickly by shrinking fat cells and releasing their lipids into your bloodstream which exit your body safely and naturally via your urine.

The result is significantly faster weight loss, and a slimmer body shape. In fact, Liquid Lipo works so fast that it can get though 1-2 inches of fat in around 2 hours.

Over a 5-day usage, you can expect to expect to lose up to 10 to 15 inches of fat from your body.

Liquid Lipo Treatment Results.

Applying Liquid Lipo to specific body areas causes fat cells contract resulting in a noticeably slimmer body shape and contour.  Results based on subjects maintaining a healthy diet.

Liquid Lipo Before & After
Belly fat reduction of 7 inches in 2 days
Liquid Lipo Before & After
Belly fat reduction of 12 inches in 5 days
Liquid Lipo Before & After
Belly fat reduction of 6 inches in 4 days
Liquid Lipo Before & After
Belly fat reduction of 7 inches in 3 days

Liquid Lipo FAQs

No, LIQUID LIPO reduces the size of fat cells within the skin, as the gel microencapsulates the subcutaneous tissue to open the cell’s pores.

Once the pores are open, the fat is turned into liquid form and compressed even smaller. Then the excess fat is flushed out through natural hydration.

The effects are not temporary, as fat cells expand naturally as you ingest food.

A few people have said that because LIQUID LIPO has “liquified” and emptied blocked fat cells, they have not felt the urge to eat as much as their abdomen has tightened.

Quite often if you lose and gain weight quickly, the first place it stores is viscerally (within the abdominal cavity), over-flowing into the subcutaneous tissue.

When you put weight back on internally, you still have that fat in your skin so it becomes harder to lose.

LIQUID LIPO gel starts breaking down fat within the skin meaning you loose fat, skin becomes tighter and makes it easier to lose internal fat as you’ve got rid of the stubborn fat.

It is quite common to see many people with fat build-up in little pockets including: Lower tummy pouch, One leg bigger than other, sagging arms and a double chin.

After child-birth or with age / weight gain weight-loss, fat may have been lost internally but not within the skin causing lack of elasticity / fat pulling the skin downwards creating saginess.

Sculpting is different to Wrapping as it compresses the area causing the fat to be condensed and inflammation to be reduced.

You will need to drink water afterwards to flush the liquid fat left over from compression. This is completely differently from regular cling-film wraps (like a “Shrinking Violet Body Wrap” which just temporarily reduces water.

Today we have sold several thousand bottles in the first few weeks of manufacture in 2020.

Previous to this, 2018/19 and 2020 trials were completed. Researchers used 100 participants in a double-blind independent measures test.

50% recieved a placebo. 50% recieved Liquid Lipo.
In every test conducted, 95+% participants had lower fat levels folowing drinking / flushing with 2 litres.

However the placebo ONLY reduced water levels – NOT FAT in 99.99% of the participants.

Over 3,000 clients, or participants in trials have recieved LIQUID LIPO treatment with 95% successfully losing fat.