Botox Injections

Stop the signs of ageing with Botox anti wrinkle injections, the secret to a youthful appearance.

Treatment at a glance

Procedure Time

1 Hour

Full Recovery


Visible Results

1-3 Days

Result Duration

3-4 Months

*Multiple treatments may be required. Results may vary from person to person


Removes Lines and Wrinkles with Natural Long Lasting Results.

Botox is a safe anti-wrinkle injection treatment for smoothing wrinkles by increasing tissue volume and improving skin’s overall contour to give you more younger, radiant appearance.

Known as the “Lunchtime Facelift”, Botox results can be seen almost immediately and typically last 3 to 4 months with regular top-ups recommended to maintain the effects.


Fast Results without Cosmetic Surgery.

Botox is a fast, safe and convenient cosmetic procedure that temporarily inhibits muscle contraction under the skin to give it a smoother appearance.

Botox is most commonly injected into the skin of the face or neck, creating a younger, plumper look and addressing concerns like lines, wrinkles, volume loss and sagging, with your untreated muscles still working normally, so you still maintain natural expressions.

The results can be seen almost immediately and typically last 3 to 4 months, Botox is typically more subtle than surgery giving a more natural solution to any skin ageing concerns.

Botox Wirral Before and After

Botox Injection FAQs

Botox works by weakening the muscles into which it is injected. As facial muscles contract, the loose skin above those muscles wrinkles. By weakening the muscles, the wrinkles are reduced.

The effects of Botox can last up to three months.

Botox is very safe when injected by experienced physicians. Some oral zinc supplements have been shown to lengthen the effect of Botox. As soon as your wrinkles return, you can have Botox again. There is no defined limit to the number of injections one can have.

When injected appropriately, the results will be seen after the first treatment. Botox takes two to four days before the muscle weakening effect takes place. The maximum effect occurs at about 10 to 14 days. The effect then lasts up to three months.

The wrinkles of your forehead should return to their original appearance when the Botox wears off. Discontinuing the Botox will not worsen your wrinkles.